The Best Recopies by Flo Braker

Posted on 24 June 2012 under Uncategorized

Nothing puts on the finishing touches to an elegant table setting or even a fun family dinner as individualized beautifully decorated desserts. It can give one a feeling of being unique as if this sweet treat was made just for them.

Flo Braker has made this idea popular in her baking practice which has produced cookbooks and recipes to delight people with various tastes. She was first charmed by the idea of dessert miniatures as a child when her grandfather would surprise her with miniature sized cookies and pastries upon her return from trips. She incorporated the experiences with her growing love for baking and soon was baking individual treats for family and friends. Her passion eventually led her to opening her own catering business and as demand grew for her adorable creations, “sweet miniatures” became her trademark.

In her many cookbooks, Flo has meticulously tested the enclosed recipes that afford the aspiring baker the confidence to create delicious desserts for their friends and family. With the clear detailed directions and photographs, it will be a delight to delve into baking original desserts that can’t be found in other cookbooks. All levels of bakers will find them fun and easy.

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